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Truly Excellent
Workshops & Trainings

Live &  Recorded


Truly Excellent Workshops & Trainings

hosted by Ruth Neustifter, PhD, RMFT-S, RP

In addition to their areas of focus, Ruthie has worked in public speaking, presenting, training, event planning, and event promotion for over two decades. They have the knowledge and experience to ensure that every workshop and training is engaging, applied, and a valuable use of time. Whether you buy tickets to a scheduled workshop, watch a recorded workshop, or schedule your own private event with Ruthie, you can be confident that everyone who attends will be thrilled with Ruthie's knowledge, teaching style, and preparedness. 

Upcoming & Recorded
Online Workshops

Check out the most current list of recordings as well as upcoming live workshops. All self hosted workshops have sliding scale fees, and some offer free tickets to those who cannot otherwise afford to attend. Unless otherwise noted, all online workshops come with recording access. Plus, workshops are always affirming  and welcoming of diverse genders, sexualities, and relationship structures unless it is clearly focused on specific life experiences that require restricted admission. 

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Working from Home

Book An Online Training or Workshop

So Many Choices!

Whether it's about sex, genders, relationships, mental health, sexualities, trauma, intimacy, communication, kink, non-monogamy, emotional connection, pleasure, health, consent, or more there is a good chance that I have an excellent workshop ready for your group or organization. If not, custom topics are available and can be discussed. Contact me for my full list of offerings, and to discuss pricing. I'm available to travel when we are not in a pandemic, otherwise all workshops are online. 

Book an
Anti-Oppression Training

I'm proud to offer Anti-Oppression and Diversity trainings for organizations and groups that are ready for a session that will leave them with not only the essential concepts, but solid ways to move forward after the training is done. I offer these trainings through the Rainbow Diversity Institute. As a white person, I am not available for paid trainings on anti-racism, etc., unless I am working through this Black owned company.

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