Awaken Your Intimacy, Pleasure, and Relationships

through online workshops, trainings, coaching, consulting, and therapy. 

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Ruth (Ruthie) Neustifter is an openly sex-queer, non-binary gender-queer, poly, and kinky sex-positive advocate that aspires to base their work in anti-oppressive and trauma-informed approaches. Their work includes being the Academic Program Director at the University of Guelph’s Couple & Family Therapy program, faculty facilitator of the Sexual and Gender Diversity Lab, co-chair of the Guelph Sexuality Conference (closed 2019), and author of The Nice Girl’s Guide to Talking Dirty. Their outreach and qualitative research has most recently included topics and focuses such as: trans and genderqueer experiences of micro-aggressions in healthcare, intimate relationships of adult learners, experiences of queerness on campus, defining sex/gender/kink outness, BIPOC definitions of outness, non-physical aspects of dating violence, texting-based sex education, and BDSM & body image. 

Creative, applied, and accessible dissemination of data-driven findings are a major component of their efforts. Ruthie strives to meet potential knowledge users where they are, including at: sex parties & orgies, BDSM spaces such as dungeons, sex toy stores, and kink events, as well as churches, homeless shelters, health centres, universities and more. They are actively engaged with on-going learning and work around anti-oppressive practices and continue to strive to decolonize their work in all areas.   


Work online with Ruthie 1 on 1, or with your partner/s. 

Clients often work with Ruthie on issues including support for:

  • gender transition and gender euphoria

  • queer sexual identities (LGB, asexual, questioning, etc.) 

  • navigating polyamory

  • pursuing BDSM and kink

  • ASD dating and relationship skills

  • accessing desires and finding pleasure

  • improving sex and dating skills

  • resilience during and after trauma

  • supporting survivors of traumas including intimate partner violence, emotional abuse, oppression and hate crimes, rape, and adult survivors of child sexual abuse

From pleasure and relationship workshops to professional trainings, Ruthie has a wide range of offerings. Ruthie is slowly but surely making recorded workshops available for you to take when and where you like. Additionally, make plans to join live online workshops where you can interact around your favourite topics no matter where you're located. Or, you can book Dr. Ruthie to present at your next event, party, or class. 

On-going professional supervision and consulting is an important part of ethical psychotherapy practice. Ruthie is available online for consulting and supervision within their areas of expertise. Get support for your work with:

  • Gender queer and sex queer clients and their loved ones

  • Increasing sexual pleasure

  • Finding pleasure after trauma

  • Recognizing and working with the impacts of oppression on well-being, relationships, intimacy

  • Non-monogamous clients, including polyamory

  • Kink & BDSM

  • Narrative therapy