Cherry Tree

Pleasure After Trauma


May 20, 2021

7:00-8:30pm Eastern Time 

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We each deserve pleasure, regardless of our pasts.  But how can we find our sensual and sexual selves after (or during) trauma?  Dr. Ruthie brings their extensive experience in helping others discover how to nurture the return of pleasure after pain.  Attendees will gain new insight and tools for rediscovering joy and intimacy. 

This workshop will focus on survivors of intimate partner violence, sexual assault, medical trauma, childhood sex abuse, and other traumas.  This workshop is grounded in trauma recovery theory focused on mindfulness, grounding, restoring, and reclaiming of the self and uses techniques common in strengths-based social work, positive psychology, and the narrative approach.  Participants will not be asked to disclose the source of their traumas during the workshop, and instead will be invited to quietly reflect, draw, or write as needed so as to keep the space as safe and comfortable as possible for everyone.  This workshop is best for participants who are no longer in a high-risk situation (ie: no longer dating their abuser), with the exception of those who face ongoing medical interventions, racism, and other systemic violence.

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The full price per person is $35 (Canadian).

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