Fat Fuckers

Sex Workshop

Sex and Pleasure for Fat Bodies

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Soft, luscious, rolling, expansive, fat bodies are overflowing with unique opportunities to be bodies of sexual abundance, pleasure, and joy. Ready to tap into the full potential of larger bodies? Join Dr. Ruthie for an experiential celebration and exploration of many ways in which we can draw out the pleasures of our hearts, brains, and ample flesh. You'll see and hear how real fat people enjoy pleasure by finding positions and techniques that work for our bodies! All bodies are wanted, welcome, and enough here. Participants are welcome to join us in gentle hands-on activities, or to watch and help hold affirming energy with us. This workshop will focus on queer sex, however straight and cis-gender allies are warmly welcomed to join. This workshop includes images of nude art, and sexually suggestive images of clothed and covered people. Language in this workshop is joyfully sexually explicit. All tickets allow you to join live or watch the recording afterward. Or both!​

Wonderful Workshop Attendees,

   Thank you so much for signing up for my Fat Pleasure Workshop!  This is such a from-the-heart workshop, and many fellow fat folks have contributed their pictures and wisdom to make it possible. I am looking forward to sharing it with you.

    Please remember that this workshop is very personal for many of us attending. Please do not capture images from the workshop or distribute the recording or link to others. This workshop is based on trust, and I know that all of your hearts are in the right place here! :) 

    If you would like to contribute or tip for this workshop, you can still do so. Click here to contribute from $10-$40

Yours in Fat Love,